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In this busy industry venue owners are very often time poor and need our support. Therefore to maximise the benefits of using our premium beer line and brewery vessel cleaner here is our simple visual cleaning guide for Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner.


Safety Information

We want you to have access to data as quickly and easily as possible. Our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) includes information about the toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal and more for every Maxi-Enzyme product. A SDS for each product can be downloaded below. 

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Standard Operating Procedure

Are your 100% sure of what procedures we recommend to maintaining best practice hygiene in the beer cellar. Whilst we don't profess to be expert cellar services technicians we have engaged with many industry experts to help validate our best practice suggestions. 

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For those venues who wish to take full control of their beer quality KPI, who wish to empower their operators and PROFIT from their draught beverage sales consider 'CLEANZYME' the most complete easy to use line cleaning system for beer dispense.   

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Tomorrows cellar hygiene today

Our goal is to deliver safe, environmentally acceptable cleaning solutions for the brewery industry and to help set new hygiene standards. We welcome the opportunity to add real value to your business and the industry by sharing innovation. 


Customers have questions, we give you the answers. Here are the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits. 



Why do I need to clean my beer lines?

Draft beer lines have to be cleaned regularly to ensure the taste of the beer is that of how the brewery intended the beer to taste. What changes the taste in beer, the short answer is biofilm. The biofilm forms when harmless bacteria, brewing yeast and other residual solids form a coating on the inside of draught beer lines.

What equipment do I need to use Maxi-enzyme ?

No special equipment is required. Clean your beer lines using your current apparatus and just change the chemical diluted with water for Maxi-enzyme.

Why are multi-enzymes a better cleaning method?

Enzymes are the most efficient catalysts known to man speeding up biochemical reactions; they are also significantly safer to use than harsh chemicals like caustic and peroxides whilst being effective in their use. Multi-Enzymatic products have been widely used and specified for sanitising within hospitals and dentists worldwide.

Why does Maxi-enzyme beer line cleaner need warm water?

The multi-enzyme requires activation by dilution in water. In concentrate form the enzymes are dormant, but water is used to ‘awaken’ them. Once the product has been activated the solution is useable for up to 24 hours, although we recommend immediate use for optimum results. The enzymes are activated when mixed with water between 15 - 65ºC. The enzymes work faster at water temperatures of 45-65ºC.  

How often should I clean my beer lines ?

We don’t make any special claims that we have ‘magic’ ingredients, that it can go extended periods between cleans. In our view our multi-enzyme beer line cleaner, cleans as well as the best performing caustic chemicals on the market, just SAFER. FASTER. SMARTER. So depending on your current cleaning regime, we have developed a recommended dilution rate table.

Does Maxi-enzyme cost me more ?

Based on estimates in testing we find that if you combine the cost of labour and materials we are often less expensive though always as effective in removing biofilm. Most, if not all venues will see a cost reduction due in the main from time saving. If you haven't already done so please try our Beer savings calculator. 

Try our BEER savings calculator

Is the line cleaner effective on Cask beers?

Yes, the enzymes once activated, are extremely good at tackling the 'live' yeast and bacteria that can create beer spoilage with many of our results showing significant biofilm removal. Whilst it's not essential to clean lines between cask change over as most will water flush, the simplicity of using Maxi-enzyme makes it appeal to those fastidious about clean beer lines.

Is Maxi-enzyme safe to use?

Yes, the product is safe to use. Firstly it is non-corrosive and safe to handle, secondly the solution is near pH neutral and finally the enzyme becomes inert after 24hrs so naturally biodegrades and has no detrimental effect on the environment. 

Do my staff need significant re-training?

Maxi-enzyme does not require additional staff training or new cleaning equipment. Just dilute as specified with water.

How long does the cleaning process take?

Once the enzyme becomes activated it needs to soak in the lines for a minimum of 30 minutes. There is no need to pull further product through before removing by flushing with water. This saves on water and CO2 consumption and cuts down trips from cellar to the bar.

Is Maxi-enzyme a coloured indicator cleaner?

Maxi-enzyme is a blue solution that does not change colour. However, upon flushing the lines the operator can easily see colour change as the cleaner along with biofilm particles are removed with water.

How can I order Maxi-enzyme beer line cleaner?

You can buy online from our 'ONLINE SHOP' . We supply concentrate in 5 litre containers which makes up to 255 litres of cleaning solution. 

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