What is HACCP International?

HACCP International is an accredited certification body that operates a specific certification scheme to endorse equipment, chemicals, materials and services used by the food industry.

Product validation for food handling or processing applications

Through a defined and consistent assessment process, HACCP International provides validation of a product’s ‘fitness for purpose’ in food handling or processing applications. There are ten key components reviewed in this process.

  1. Materials and specifications
  2. Toxicity
  3. Contamination risks
  4. Ease of cleaning
  5. Operating instructions
  6. Consequences of error
  7. Batch and process controls
  8. Claims
  9. Packaging and labelling
  10. Contribution to food safety

In addition to these, service providers are also assessed in terms of:

  • HACCP and food safety awareness
  • Food safety training
  • Documentation and reporting
  • On-site service delivery
  • Standard operating procedures

The HACCP mark – a sign of food safety and food-safe design

In terms of certification of materials and equipment, the HACCP mark is now synonymous with the very best standards of food safety and food-safe design, supporting world-leading brands as diverse as 3M, Kimberly Clark, Bayer, SPM, Halton, Clorox, Champion, Rentokil, Altro, ISS, Testo, BASF, Hoshizaki, Dyson Airblade, Philips, Ecolab, Thorn, and Hydria GIF.

These companies have the common aim of providing the very best food-safe products to the food industry.

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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

How is HACCP and the HACCP International Certification of equipment, materials and services linked?

Food businesses that control food safety hazards by implementing a HACCP Plan need to control a variety of sources of food safety hazard. Some of these sources of food safety hazard, such as ingredients, cleanliness, processing and staff can be controlled easily through in-house procedures to control food safety hazards. The food safety hazards that arise from food equipment, food room materials and services can only be controlled through pre-requisite programmes such as supplier approval and consideration of correct choice and application. HACCP International Certification of equipment, materials and services provides a certificate of conformance to enable certified products to fit within any supplier approval programme that is based on mitigation of food safety risk.

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