So just how does it help?

Better tasting beer

Better tasting beer

We don’t make any special claims that we have ‘magic’ ingredients, however it is widely recognised that removing biofilm is probably the single most important objective to keeping beer lines clean and beer spoilage at bay.

Our cleaning solution is virtually odourless and tasteless though it is easily visible when in use. Therefore Beer quality, taste and aroma are not adversely affected .

Piece of Mind

Cost effective beer line cleaning

Maxi-enzyme is uniquely different to other line cleaners. Once activated, the enzymes are effective for up to 24 hours without needing to agitate as recommended with caustic solutions*

In our view our multi-enzyme beer line cleaner, cleans as well as the best performing chemicals on the market, just



beer savings and productivity

With any beer line cleaning cost analysis one must evaluate the cost of product, its dilution rate concentration and the time spent in the cleaning process. 

With Maxi-Enzyme you have a world class cleaner that give outstanding results on both Keg and Cask beer. 

Venues see as much as 40% time saving.


Saving Time and Water

With no need to pull through successive quantities of fresh cleaner every 10 minutes, water and time are saved with Maxi-Enzyme. 

Also, without interruption the line cleaner can be left overnight extending the cleaning for up to 24 hours before  being safely pour to drain.

Reducing Risks

A near pH neutral liquid, that won't corrode beer lines and equipment, will prevent the risk of burns both internally and externally, and when finished with can safely be poured to drain. 

There have been a number of high profile incidents where caustic line cleaners have caused life changing harm to customers who are poisoned accidentally.  

Increasing Profits

A proven enzymatic beer line cleaner that replaces outdated and hazardous chemicals with improvements in beer quality, safety, productivity and if used correctly will also save venues £000's in beer wastage.

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Our environment ...

Meeting future mandated environmental requirements ...

"By 2018 there should be a Union strategy for a non-toxic environment that is conducive to innovations and the development of sustainable substitutes."

 As a consequence of this European parliament mandate the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published  'A Strategy to promote substitution to safer chemicals through innovation '

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Reducing harmful waste...

Enzymes are natures most efficient catalyst known to man. There are over 3000 types within our bodies and they are present in all biological substance formation and degradation. Enzymes are frequently used treating effluent and are 100% biodegradable so will meet future environment legislation...

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